Non Striking Solutions™/Bully Busters Kids Program™

Bullying is a serious issue for everyone in our community. We know that it can happen anywhere, anytime, and can have devastating consequences. Any child can be bullied. That is why we at KMA offer to teach and prepare our students with right tools to help them best deal with bullying and not become a victim. We run combined Physical and Psychological programs to best deal with all forms of bullying. We run our programs regularly each school term.

All our instructors a certified and highly trained to help our young students not become victims of bullying. We offer our program in a safe and friendly full time school. All our instructors are Government accredited, working with police children checked and the school is also a FACAA (Fighters Against Child Abuse) approved school.

We offer our programs to local schools and groups who work with children upon request.

Non Striking Solutions teach our children to defend themselves without needing to resort to striking.