Kids Champions Hapkido Combatives™ (7 – 12)

Your Child....

Will not only learn the ABC's of self defence, but more importantly, the ABC's of Life - Attitude, Behaviour and Character.

Mastering these fundamentals will enable them to achieve their fullest potential and fulfill their dreams, goals and desires.

Your child will learn Life Skills

  • Discipline  
  • Focus
  • Concentration

Your child will learn Safety Skills

  • Stranger Danger
  • Fire Safety  
  • Bully Busters
  • Drug Awareness
  • Personal Safety

KMA Martial Arts will improve your child’s grades.

Our unique children’s program offers a lot more than just self-defence and physical agility. Our educational martial arts and unique achievement programs will teach your child history,safety and much more. The best part of all is that our martial arts will give your child the self discipline to study, leading to increased concentration at school, which pays off in the form of better grades.

Amazing but true.....Discover how your child can increase their confidence , energy & spirit.Martial arts is not just about fighting others but more about fighting their inner most fears. Conquer them & your child unleashes within themselves a powerful, unstoppable force! A force that gives them the strength to kick down the door's of self doubt. A force that open's your child to the exalting power of values.

Stand and be dazzled.....As they become unstoppable in their quest for :
  • Greater academic achievement 
  • Unshakeable self respect
  • Increased strength & fitness in mind & body

Training that could save a life.....                                                                                         
KMA teaches children self-defence skills that could save their lives.
While we wish it was not even a factor in our program, the fact remains that we live in a world full of undesirable people. Our Martial Arts will teach your child how to protect themselves from danger. This invaluable skill may even save their lives one day.

Ask about our Little Dragons Champions pre school Program or age specific  “Kids with Kick Black Belt Self Defence Success System” & XMA/Weapons program.For the older kids we also have Kickboxing & Brazilian Jiujitsu program specially designed for this age group.